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Wrap Shorts - Black (coming soon!) - Little Balasana handmade kids clothes Australia

Wrap Shorts - Black (coming soon!)

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Introducing Little Balasana's gorgeous wrap shorts in BLACK.


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  • Available in all even sizes, 2-14 kids
  • Size up if in-between sizes!
  • Great for tall, slim built kids who have trouble finding a waist that fits
  • Made from a flowy, light weight polyester fabric
  • Gorgeous rolled hem finish 
  • Wash, dry and iron as normal (no special care needed)
  • Available in limited edition prints and solid colours
  • Handmade in Australia with materials sourced from other Australian owned businesses
  • Afterpay available
  • Ready to post in 3-5 Business days
  • Matching Mini and Me sets available
  • Women's sizes releasing in 2019


Little Balasana's signature Wrap shorts feature wide leg panels that wrap around and cascade down the thighs to give them a fun, carefree allure. Have an acrobat that needs to do the splits? They've got you covered! Spending a day at the beach? Perfect to wear over your swimmers without catching or holding onto sand! Headed out to dinner? A great alternative to wearing a skirt whilst still being dressed up.

LB's Wrap shorts are completely adjustable at the waist with both front and back ties - They are so flexible in sizing that a child with a size 6 height but a size 4 waist will still easily fit the size 6 wrap shorts, thanks to the way the shorts tie!

Made with a lightweight flowy polyester fabric and finished with gorgeous rolled hems, Little Balasanas wrap shorts are available in all even sizes from 2-14. They truly are unique and really something special.

Whilst usually worn with the back ties coming towards the front, the wrap shorts are easily reversible, as you can see in the last few pictures.

If you'd like to see how to put the wraps on, you can watch a demo video on the Facebook page, in the VIP facebook group and also on the Little Balasana youtube channel.  

Available in limited edition prints and in solid colours; Sage, Royal Purple, Dusty Pink, Beige and white.

LB Wrap shorts are seasonal and can be made in both Capri and Full length versions, and in both children's and adult sizes.

Please use the Hip measurement to choose your size. Between sizes? Choose the next size up to get the absolute most wear out of your shorts.


Want to wear them YOUR way? - layer over stockings and leggings, or wear them on their own paired with Swimmers, Leo's, singlets or a blouse. And don't forget - you can reverse the ties to finish front OR back, for two seperate but equally gorgeous looks.

Size Guide (Au kids)

Size 2
Hip: 19.5"
Finished Inseam Length: 1.25"

Size 4
Hip: 22.5"
Finished Inseam Length: 1.25"

Size 6
Hip: 25.5"
Finished Inseam Length: 1.75"

Size 8
Hip: 28.5"
Finished Inseam Length: 2"

Size 10
Hip: 29.5"
Finished Inseam Length: 2.5"

Size 12
Hip: 30"
Finished Inseam Length: 3"

Size 14
Hip: 31"
Finished Inseam Length: 3"

What is the finished inseam length?
- This is the measurement from the centre of the crotch seam to the bottom hem of the shorts. Please note that the crotch seam does not sit firmly against the Childs (like it does whilst wearing tights)

HOW TO PUT THEM ON (there is a how to video on both our youtube and facebook if you'd like to see it done in person)

1. Open up the Wrap shorts
2. Place the front piece of the wrap shorts against child's stomach, bringing the ties around to the back and securing.
3. Lift the back piece of the wrap shorts up and over their bottom (passing through between their legs) and bring their set of ties around to front and securing (knot or bow!)
ALL DONE! (If you need any extra help, I'm only an email away!)

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